The Curve Builder Workout

I partnered up with my Pilates trainer to launch the first program of Keller Rose Fitness which is the ultimate game changer that I live by. We came together to design an effective workout to elongate muscles, improve tone, and enhance natural curves. The daily workout is challenging, affordable, and most importantly, easy to do on-the-go as the only piece of equipment needed is a resistance band. We've brought Pilates out of the studio and onto the mat in a four series workout that targets every curve of the body.

The program consists of four series that target legs, arms, abs, booty and full body. This workout is quick yet extremely effective at around thirty minutes and is meant to be done daily, all four series, but if you feel more comfortable doing it less then we recommend adding more reps or doing it back-to-back for a more intense workout. 
The program is in eBook form so each exercise has its own page and is made up of a sequence of photos along with a write-up for each that's extremely easy to follow along to.
equipment needed: resistance band, yoga mat, sneakers